Frequently Asked Questions About RoHS Compliance for Environmental Regulations and Compliance

When a company is dealing with very strict environmental regulations and compliance, there is no better substitute to complying very strictly rather than having very thorough knowledge of the rules. For example, the European Union has implemented very strict environmental standards because of the start of industrialization. This is called RoHS or the Restriction on Hazardous Substances.

This policy or directive was first passed last 2003. It is now updated with very new restrictions and it on several occasions since, it requires electronics manufacturers to verify that their products or devices are free from very harmful chemical substances.

Many customers asking electronics enclosure companies about this restriction because they too are electronics manufacturers. The enclosure manufacturing companies knows how crucial it is for the companies to comply with the RoHS compliance for businesses. Especially for ones who are competing in international market for electronics.

To help the electronics company (the consumers of electrical boxes) to learn and be more knowledgeable about this compliance, we will discuss in this article what are the questions that is commonly asked about this strict compliance.

1. What does “RoHS compliance” mean?

This only means that the product has undergone testing for screening of 10 banned substances (that are deemed harmful to human health) by an independent authority conducting studies about harmful chemicals. These tests should confirm the existence of these substances should be below the RoHS threshold. Under RoHS 3, the latest version of the RoHS directive, the 10 substances restricted are:

Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP)

Benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP)


Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)

Diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP)

Hexavalent chromium



Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB)

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE)

All of the mentioned chemicals above should only be limited to 1,000 ppm except for cadmium. This has the lowest minimum which is 100 ppm.

2. Is RoHS mandatory in European Countries?

Yes! All the electrical devices and electronic equipment (acronym for EEE) should be able to pass a RoHS inspection for them to be sold in European countries or even internationally. In addition to this, each European member implements this regulation differently. With this in mind, the companies or manufacturers who are planning to import their electronic products to EU should be mindful and familiar with not only this directive, but also with how each member of the EU handles this regulation for each country.

3. What is WEEE and how it is directly related to RoHS?

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) is one of the EU directive that requires all of the EEE manufacturers who import or sell their products in any EU countries should be able to take certain responsibilities when it comes to disposal process of the electronic waste being generated by their manufacturing processes.

Both of the directives should apply to many of the same products under this category, but each of the EU member has their own restrictions and rules, as well as there are differences in the country-by-country differences when it comes to implementation.

4. Are there exemptions of rules in RoHS?

There are certain product categories which applications are currently exempted from this very strict compliance. The stated exemptions are usually used to cover various types of military, medical equipment, industrial, and scientific equipment uses. The spare parts for the equipment being sold in the market before July 1, 2006 is also excepted form RoHS. Except for the spare parts for the newer or latest equipment being produced.

If companies think that their products might qualify for the stated exemptions, check the EU’s RoHS website to learn about the different exemptions and learn about their renewal status. Always take in mind that the exemptions are always subjected to possible changes, so if possible, always check the website of RoHS regularly. Just make sure that the stated exemptions should be relevant to the products that are being applied.

5. Does RoHS apply to plastics devices/equipment?

If your products are made of plastic and it is being utilized in electrical or electronic equipment, it is still subject to RoHS-compliant unless it falls on stated exemptions.

6. Does this compliance apply to products other than electronics/devices?

Basically speaking, this is not possible. However, the manufacturing processes of each product should fully comply to the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) of European Countries.

7. Do other countries also have RoHS laws?

With the technological advancement of manufacturing companies today, there are several companies who already comply to this strict regulation such as China, Japan, and South Korea. Any of the EEE businesses considering to expand their market to other countries should be able to take care and be knowledgeable about the international country’s laws about electronic waste and other hazardous substances.

However, the United States of America does not have currently have federal laws that are similar to RoHS. However, there are states in US that has somewhat similar law to this restriction such as California.

8. Is stainless steel sheet metal RoHS compliant?

Absolutely yes. Although the chromium content is always present in stainless steel, it is not the type of chemical being restricted by RoHS. There are some other restricted materials (lead and cadmium) that is also present in visible and traceable amounts. However, the testing were consistently confirmed that the several concentrations present in stainless steel are below the stated RoHS threshold.

9. How long is a RoHS certificate valid?

An RoHS certification is just valid for the next five years. In addition to this, an early re-certification can be required once a product will undergo significant changes in terms of design, raw materials being used or has undergone different sourcing procedures.

10. Are all enclosure products RoHS compliant?

With this in mind, all equipment and devices are not guaranteed to be RoHS compliant. It is still best to inquire with your prefer enclosure manufacturing company if their products strictly follow this regulation. It is always better to ask especially if you have plans to sell your products internationally.

NEMA 4X vs. NEMA 6P Electrical Enclosures

One of the biggest challenge companies are facing today is which type of electrical enclosure should they purchase for their engineering project. It is crucial to first determine the different variables and elements that has a big impact on their purchasing decision – location of the engineering project, temperature, possible ingress, etc. With this in mind, we will look at the two most commonly compared electrical enclosure, the NEMA 4X and NEMA 6P.

What is NEMA 4X Electrical Enclosures?

NEMA 4X electrical enclosures are manufactured for both indoor and outdoor use. It gives the users a specific degree of protection given to personnel from having access to hazardous parts. It also gives a certain degree of protection for the equipment housed inside the electrical enclosure against ingress of solid foreign object (such as windblown dust). It also gives protection to equipment from any possible water ingress from rain, sleet, splashing water, snow, ice formation, and hose directed water. Finally, it has corrosion protection and the equipment will be remained undamaged in case an external ice formation will happen.

What is NMA 6P Electrical Enclosures?

NEMA 6P electrical enclosures are manufactured for either outdoor or indoor use. Like NEMA 4X, it also gives protection for personnel from having access to dangerous and hazardous parts. It gives solid ingress protection housed inside the enclosure from falling dirt or other foreign object. It also protects the equipment from having serious damage occurred from water ingress that can cause by hose directed water or water entry caused by prolonged submersion. The enclosure can be submerged in water but only at a limited depth. It also gives corrosion protection and it will be remain undamaged despite of the external ice formation on the enclosure.

Indoor Use
Outdoor Use
Strong water ingress protection (hose down or pressurized streams)
Foreign solid object ingress protection (including non-hazardous objects)
External ice formation protection
Corrosion Protection

Companies Can Provide Convenience and Accessibility for Customers Looking for Customized Quotations for Electronics Enclosure

Don’t you love shopping? Whenever I need to regularly stop by at the grocery store to buy some necessary items, I really find it more convenient and amusing if I just use these self-check-out kiosks inside the grocery store.

Whoever thought of this is a genius! The customers now have the freedom to buy grocery stuff without having to wait in line for the cashier. Because there are some customers who does their weekly or bi-weekly shopping and on average the lady in the cashier spends about 10-25 minutes on average just to check things out of the counter.

Because of this the line for the cashiers have been long and and everyone just have their cart really full of groceries. Don’t you hate it? I feel that I spend so much time on just lining up on the cashier.

And because of this, self-check-out kiosks is a very genius thing to do! Amazing right?

And because of this idea, I thought that enclosure companies can do the same too. If there are some kind of self-check-out kiosk on their websites, the customers does not have to wait for the reply of the customer service in order for them to get the pricing that they want. They can hop on to their website and just make a very quick price quotation for the enclosure that they want. Easy peasy right?

They can do this at any time of the day or any tome of the week. The key is to effectively create a good quotation or customization of the electronics enclosure that they want. If every company has this customized electronic enclosure quoting, the customer lives would be so much easier and they can get quick price quotations at their earliest convenience, right?

The customer can get a quick price quotation that takes about 90 seconds to complete and with this they can have the pricing and order their desired electronics enclosure within minutes.

This quick pricing tool should be really easy to use. The customer can choose the electronics enclosure that they want to be modified. In the selecting the machining or printing needs, it can easily generate a quote number. The real-time pricing is visible and easy in the entire process. But the companies should need to have a quote number in able to proceed with their order. Until then, they can connect to a customer service and that will simplify the entire process.

What is the Infamous Electronic Wart Remover?

Most often than not, fall is my season, really. This is the time that I started hampering down. However, for this year I have been doing a different thing. I just recently noticed that there is an emergent need to clean my house out: negativity, dressers, kitchen cupboards and even my dad’s basement. There are some things that I have been trying to putt off out of sight until spring. This is when I plan to do a very huge garage sale. With the other things that I have, I have started to get rid off of it.

In this article, we will follow the same thought – the only thing unwanted in this article is your warts.

There has been a product or technology that was proven to remove warts efficiently. Wartabater is a battery powered electronic device that helps people to remove their warts at the convenience of their own home. The heat of the unit is applied on any part of the body for a span of 3 minutes and it will make the warts gone and turned into a dead tissue.

No worries because there will be no scarring that will be obvious when you use this product. This works on all types of products – it includes the stubborn but yet very difficult to eliminate Plantar warts.

If you are really tired of the endless hassle of just utilizing the liquids and the pads that never works, use this product instead! It is highly preferred by majority of the customers and it achieves a successful wart removal compared to face skin wellness centers. The normal wart removal procedure is very painful and mostly costly because the dermatologist first freeze off the warts just using the liquid nitrogen. This not assure of a successful procedure.

If you want to know more about this unique product you can visit their website at They have a long list of good testimonials crucial to the product’s success!

The Best Practices to Improve Rack Airflow Tips for the Server Rack Enclosures

There are several ways on how to greatly improve the cooling inside the server rack just by utilizing blanking panels in able to effectively manage the air flow very efficiently. In selecting a server rack that has built-in channels to accommodate better cable management and have improved air flow, the removal of the obsolete or unimportant equipment from the rack should be done.

With this in mind, an engineer should consider that a 3-phase power can greatly increase the amperage available inside the server rack. It can decrease the overall number of PDUs needed for the power management and it can leave more space to improve airflow.

The rising energy costs are now being compelled by several engineers to re-plan and re-think the IT structure together with their best practices. They are also gearing towards decreasing the power consumption by implementing the best standards for energy efficiency. The rightful planning should include the hot or cold isles containment strategies and managing the current and future hot spots. There should also be continued monitoring of the heat dissipation process inside the data center that will help companies and engineers to greatly increase the cooling capacity inside the server rack. The sealing cable openings placed on the floor with grommets is the primary key to do this.

The Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are now evenly distributes power to other servers during a power strip. The Rack mount power strips are now being specifically manufactured specially for the server racks and wall mounted racks that are placed vertically or behind the mounting posts. Placed inside a back portion of the cabinet. The power strips will now fall under two different categories: intelligent and standard.

While having the standard power trips that consists of some features that can give very important information – indicators and output displays – they should be effectively managed in-person and on-site personnel.

On the contrary, the most intelligent power strips that gives remote power control should allow the equipment administrators to effectively perform a cold reboot of the rack servers. This should also include the devices and other troubleshoot problems coming from any location provided that there is an internet connection. It greatly decreases the downtime it takes for the servers and having the vital business functions should be online very fast.

These remote power products does not only gives a very efficient control of these systems but they also give permissions for the equipment administrators to be able to properly leverage the leading advances in the power distribution systems.

Air-Conditioned Server Rack is the Best Way to Give Convenience, Safety, and Right Protection

There are manufacturing companies that offers premium designed server racks with installed air conditioning unit inside it. With this design, it will be able to withstand majority of the rugged and harsh indoor conditions. These racks are primarily designed for the places that does not have enough ventilation because of improper temperature. Or these racks are built for places that has the tendency to accumulating dirt and is very prone to dirt circulating around the place. The cabinet makes it very efficient for the companies to properly and safely store the server rack cabinets to be able to maintain the integrity of the equipment.

The manufacturers of these server rack today provides a well maintained air-conditioned server racks that can effectively withstand the inner rugged conditions that widely exists in some of the environments today. They are primarily designed server cabinets that will be able to withstand some of the harsh and very extreme environments. Inside of these, they have properly installed ventilations for the areas where there are very harsh elements.

With this in mind, you will have peace because the companies will be assured that their very sensitive equipment will be well protected and will be housed well. They won’t likely become damaged throughout the process of it all.

These air-condiitoned server racks are also available in different sizes: 4,000 BTU, 8,500 BTU, 10,000 BTU and 20,000 BTU (5,860 watts). They also have indoor temperatures that ranges between -40 and 131 degrees Fahrenheit. It also exhibits the external temperature probe and display. You can also select either side-mount or rack mount as your installation option.

Because of the functionality of these server racks, they offer a great deal of flexibility and freedom for you to design your floor layout effectively because these server rack cabinets can be manufactured in different 112 sizes. Several cabinet color options are widely available and the several sets of these adjustable mounting rails have are already positioned inside the cabinet.

These amazing air conditioned server racks gives the companies the advantages that it needs. It comes with a very good compact footprint. The companies can get their equipment quickly installed inside the cabinet and it helps them for it to become completely assembled and joined together.

We are Doing Product Highlights Today! The OctoLight

When I was in college, my roommate and I were slightly addicted to 2 things: Dukes of Hazard reruns and infomercials. Having watched the “PushLight” special probably 75 times in the 2 years we live together, we decided to buy a pack and split them. We used them in our closets, the trunk of our cars, to walk down the hall at night.

When I was still in college, my roommate and I are super addicted to almost everything nice. But there are two things that stand out: Dukes of Hazard reruns and infomercials.

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With this in mind, I was totally delighted when I finally received a certain email from a company customer: the DeArmond Tool.

the email said…

“here are the one of the pictures that we have to sow you one of your company cases that were being used in our product line. This was the prototype of the product we have been working on. We would like to appreciate the designer of this case. It totally gave our small product the touch of class it actually needs! The small light is capable of lighting an entire room! It has 540 Lumen and I am so in love with it! Plain but it is so functional!”

With this in mind, kindly visit: to learn more about their products and services. To also view each of their products under the DeArmond Tool line. There are more styles and products are in design phases so continue on checking back with us once the site is updated.

How does the Electronic Key Ring Devices Work?

Just over the weekend, there was something happening that baffled me: I have beaten my boyfriend at the game of chess! One of the first words that came out of my mouth was “I won?” and “Did you let me win?” Because in reality, we have been playing a couple of chess games now for about 8 months and I kept on losing to every single game.

Until this weekend, we tried playing the Trivial Pursuit. However, he mopped the board with me but it is okay. I still beat him at chess. I did a small reflection thought. All the weeks of him teaching me the pitfalls and the falls of the game lead to me to making better game choices. It also guided me towards the strategy that I formulated in order to beat him. It also started to sink in: I am learning and I love learning. It is wonderful to discover how things are working and how they are made.

With this in mind, we will look at how some of the electronic equipment work:

For this article, we are going to look at the buttons placed on a keyfob electronics enclosure. One can see the different types of buttons existing everywhere: calculators, keyless remotes of the car, and the television remote. There is a rubber keypad with a conductive contact placed on its back. Once the button is pressed, the conductive contact suddenly meets the board and it started to send an electronic signal that is totally specific to the taskt aht was assigned to the circuit.

Let us take an very simple example, in a calculator, when you press the button that was labeled “1” it indicates the number one. When the button is labeled as “+” is signals the circuit to add, when you press “3” and finally the “=” sign it tells the computer to add the numbers you just keyed in.

In a similar way, in a keyless entry remote, pressing the button that was labeled “unlock” will lead to the activation of the circuit board and it will send a wireless signal to the system’s receiver. This is located in the vehicle and the electric shocks should be opened. This is what you call the key less entry.

There are companies that has an entire line of key ring style remote and these products are widely available in different sizes, styles, and colors. The companies can even print directly on the buttons of these keyfobs to be able to customize them for the project you will be needing them for. If you need help in narrowing down the selection, just contact the customer service representatives to help you in your inquiry.

What are the Needed Characteristics of Ink when Printing on Plastic Enclosures?

If you want to customize your enclosure printing using a permanent ink: you want it to meet your expectations. The ink should effectively cope with what the enclosure will be used into.

With this in mind, if you want the print on your enclosure to last longer, it should be permanent and resistant to several environmental factors. This includes light and weathering that can be a result of extreme weather conditions. One of the main reasons is that one cannot have the enclosure to be printed again because once the original printing begins to fade, it cannot be reprinted again. Also one of the reasons for considering the ink that will be used is the volume: the company should round up all the products that have been sold. In terms of comparing the new printing with the old one is nearly impossible once the product has been removed from the vice.

Another thing to consider is the UV light and the extreme weather conditions that might be present in the area where the enclosures will be used. It can cause the coloring of the ink to start fading or discoloring. The separate cases can also have discoloration at a different rate, and it totally depends on what the exact conditions the ink was exposed to. One would potentially have to have a custom-color match for the ink for it to be effectively returned to the enclosure.

If you are looking for businesses who does customization printing on the enclosure, the durable electronic enclosure should have the plastic enclosure branded. The company should not want to look for a printing that can be damaged that easily once exposed to harmful elements. Most of these characteristics can be added up to have an increased protection for the ink on your end.

While there are some issues or problems that are not as big an issue basing on your final application, it still worth to ask if the cost of the printing is worth the hassle.

It is important for design engineers to effectively determine if the additional hassle for customization of enclosure is worth the company’s time and effort. At the end of the day, there are other options which your enclosure can be customized and not only for printing on it.

What does Relative Spacing and Customization in Electronic Enclosures Means?

Spacing in NEMA 4x, 6p enclosures

There are a lot of articles on the internet that talks about how the relative design concepts work that utilizes spatial relationships in identifying the key locations of some enclosure cutouts.

Some of the enclosure manufacturing company’s engineers work with these concepts most of the time. They are more than willing to give help to consumers or companies that need help with some design concepts. Most of the time a consumer will have a wide understanding of what they would be needing in terms of the specifically sized enclosure. A customer service representative can help the company or end user choose the proper enclosure that will be very suitable for the user or company’s needs. With this in mind, companies create a concept quote for different machining holes that are located in proper locations.

Once the customer is ready to place her order for the enclosure, the engineers can design or create a 3-dimensional drawing that will help in the programming of the CNC machines. One example of this is that when the end user or customers send in a drawing or calls the ballpark for some of the pricing modifications. Without the use of some of the specific dimensions, the companies can give pricing that is totally based on the space measured on top of the enclosure.

However, when the customer gives exact dimensions of the enclosure, it seems that the hole has the size of only 1/2” in diameter. Whilst the enclosure pricing can greatly vary by a minimum amount of pennies basing on the size, another approach should be taken to make the large portion of the enclosure removed. This factor can highly affect the form and structure of the enclosure while it is clamped into the CNC machine so that the companies can use a quote that utilizes a very effective method in this specific example.

This is one of the reasons why companies are asking for the dimensional drawing of the enclosures at the time the order was placed. While the companies can give an exact quote of the enclosure based on the estimated time frame on relative description, the companies would need to have a very precise measurement in order to remake the proper holes.

Majority of the companies can work on any format the companies provide for enclosure and they are always more than willing to help out the companies in customizing the electronics enclosure they are needing.

There are also different design for electrical enclosure depends on the rating of enclosures, NEMA 4x enclosure and NEMA 6P are an example. They give a different level of protection, so they will have a different design to give proper protection to your application.