What are the Needed Characteristics of Ink when Printing on Plastic Enclosures?

If you want to customize your enclosure printing using a permanent ink: you want it to meet your expectations. The ink should effectively cope with what the enclosure will be used into.

With this in mind, if you want the print on your enclosure to last longer, it should be permanent and resistant to several environmental factors. This includes light and weathering that can be a result of extreme weather conditions. One of the main reasons is that one cannot have the enclosure to be printed again because once the original printing begins to fade, it cannot be reprinted again. Also one of the reasons for considering the ink that will be used is the volume: the company should round up all the products that have been sold. In terms of comparing the new printing with the old one is nearly impossible once the product has been removed from the vice.

Another thing to consider is the UV light and the extreme weather conditions that might be present in the area where the enclosures will be used. It can cause the coloring of the ink to start fading or discoloring. The separate cases can also have discoloration at a different rate, and it totally depends on what the exact conditions the ink was exposed to. One would potentially have to have a custom-color match for the ink for it to be effectively returned to the enclosure.

If you are looking for businesses who does customization printing on the enclosure, the durable electronic enclosure should have the plastic enclosure branded. The company should not want to look for a printing that can be damaged that easily once exposed to harmful elements. Most of these characteristics can be added up to have an increased protection for the ink on your end.

While there are some issues or problems that are not as big an issue basing on your final application, it still worth to ask if the cost of the printing is worth the hassle.

It is important for design engineers to effectively determine if the additional hassle for customization of enclosure is worth the company’s time and effort. At the end of the day, there are other options which your enclosure can be customized and not only for printing on it.