What does Relative Spacing and Customization in Electronic Enclosures Means?

Spacing in NEMA 4x, 6p enclosures

There are a lot of articles on the internet that talks about how the relative design concepts work that utilizes spatial relationships in identifying the key locations of some enclosure cutouts.

Some of the enclosure manufacturing company’s engineers work with these concepts most of the time. They are more than willing to give help to consumers or companies that need help with some design concepts. Most of the time a consumer will have a wide understanding of what they would be needing in terms of the specifically sized enclosure. A customer service representative can help the company or end user choose the proper enclosure that will be very suitable for the user or company’s needs. With this in mind, companies create a concept quote for different machining holes that are located in proper locations.

Once the customer is ready to place her order for the enclosure, the engineers can design or create a 3-dimensional drawing that will help in the programming of the CNC machines. One example of this is that when the end user or customers send in a drawing or calls the ballpark for some of the pricing modifications. Without the use of some of the specific dimensions, the companies can give pricing that is totally based on the space measured on top of the enclosure.

However, when the customer gives exact dimensions of the enclosure, it seems that the hole has the size of only 1/2” in diameter. Whilst the enclosure pricing can greatly vary by a minimum amount of pennies basing on the size, another approach should be taken to make the large portion of the enclosure removed. This factor can highly affect the form and structure of the enclosure while it is clamped into the CNC machine so that the companies can use a quote that utilizes a very effective method in this specific example.

This is one of the reasons why companies are asking for the dimensional drawing of the enclosures at the time the order was placed. While the companies can give an exact quote of the enclosure based on the estimated time frame on relative description, the companies would need to have a very precise measurement in order to remake the proper holes.

Majority of the companies can work on any format the companies provide for enclosure and they are always more than willing to help out the companies in customizing the electronics enclosure they are needing.

There are also different design for electrical enclosure depends on the rating of enclosures, NEMA 4x enclosure and NEMA 6P are an example. They give a different level of protection, so they will have a different design to give proper protection to your application.